Kultur-Komplizin is an alias for Daniela Röcker, a German artist and social sculpture practitioner.

Her key interest concerns the moments in which transformation becomes perceptible and the dynamics that emerge from it. This applies to materials, situations, system structures, social phenomena.

In her work she plays with the deconstruction of the established – often in a feminist context. After studying cultural sciences and economics she achieved her artistic basis in private art studies (Prof. E. Krämer, Stuttgart) as well as in trainings as Facilitator Earth Forum with Prof. Shelley Sacks, (Oxford Brookes University). Daniela adopts techniques mainly in an autodidactic way and experiments with a variety of expression possibilities. She is also part of the Kultur-Komplizen, an agency for organizational transformation, communication and sustainability.

Daniela lives and works in Stuttgart.

Get in contact: dr@kultur-komplizen.de