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I grew up with various western comic styles and spent countless wonderful hours immersed in the stories and different characters. So it was an easy decision to use this medium in my work. I draw comics especially on the following topics: Climate change and sustainability as well as the future of work and digitalisation. I appreciate their great power as a means of raising questions and generating smiles in a humorous or ironic way.

Comic book: „Der Stern des Neccarum“ – Release 2022

A superhero story with a regional reference to Stuttgart, individually tailored to real people – a wedding couple.

Edition: 100 pcs; Scope: 48 inner pages, 2 title pages; Format: DIN A4, climate-neutral printing on 100% recycling paper by a local partner.

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„Draufrumdenken“ is an art project initiated in 2015 by Franziska Köppe, Daniela Röcker and Christian Botta. This work played with the future of work and their possible impact on employees: